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Neon Nights EP available!

My new EP Neon Nights is out today! Neon Nights consists of a few tracks that didn't make it onto the Dark Hearts album as well as a duo of covers of two of my all-time favourites. Listen to it on your platform of choice!

Neon Nights is also released as a limited Mini CD Deluxe Edition featuring another Dark Hearts off-cut ''No Flowers Today''. The packaging is quite something, isn't it?!


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04 de fev. de 2022

Hi, I just discovered this track a few days ago and it lives rent free in my head daily it's like sugar it's very addicting whatever energy you guys put into that it was amazing just wanted to take the time out to say thank you for this banger 💯🔥

-Raymond Retro (Love Star District)

Fresno California


Avishai Micaiah
Avishai Micaiah
06 de out. de 2021

These are as good as anything on "Dark Hearts" if not better, I shudder to think of what other gems are dying prematurely on the cutting room floor.


Thijs Sluiter
Thijs Sluiter
17 de set. de 2021

Hi Annie,

love the new EP, hope there will be some extra released and a vinyl release would be amazing! x from the Netherlands


10 de set. de 2021

So excited for this EP! Thank you for an awesome CD this year and the follow up EP. Have heard a few of the EP tracks and cannot wait for the mini CD. TONS of LOVE from TEXAS!

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